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May 29 2012


Web 237

Qnt273 - Learning Team E Final Paper
Qnt 273 - Kudler Fine Foods was founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, who was currently working for a large defense contractor and was looking for other opportunities.   Kathy enjoyed gourmet cooking, and realized that there was a need for a gourmet outlet in the La Jolla area of California.   The first physical location was opened in La Jolla on June 18, 1998.   Kudler Fine Foods expanded its physical locations in 2000 by opening a store in Del Mar, and expanded again by opening another store in Encinitas in 2003.   Kudler Fine Foods mission is to provide customers with the finest selections of food stuffs, wines, and related needs as no one else can.   Through selections and experienced, knowledgeable staff, Kudler Fine Foods offers customers a delightful and pleasing shopping experience.
Web237 - Kudler Fine Foods has decided to take their market opportunities one step farther by developing and utilizing an E-Commerce solution.   Through the utilization of E-Commerce, Kudler Fine Foods has the opportunity to expand its current business practices into markets that were untouchable before without elaborative costs of implementing store fronts to become established in those territories.   Through E-Commerce, Kudler Fine Foods has another opportunity to expand their mission statement by providing customers with the finest selection of food stuffs not only within the local market, but also on the internet as well.
Web 237 - The Competition
There are enormous lots of competition when it comes to E-Commerce businesses.   In the sales market E-Commerce has had an amazing increase in sales despite the current economic crisis.   Looking at the business aspect, the comparable market that Kudler Fine Foods is in direct competition with is quite large.

Web 237

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